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NYTimes: Chinese Cash Floods U.S. Real Estate Market

Muslim Marine masterfully bashes Trump by posting his military ID badge: ‘Where’s yours?’

Hillary Clinton Won the CBS Debate: Barely, and Sometimes Cheaply

Bernie Sanders: "I’m no more socialist than Eisenhower"

The TPP: You, Me, Everyone Else, Against the Media

Scottish trader charged over £1m US stock exchange fraud

Rude Pundit: The Epically Awful New Donald Trump Radio Ads (and Other Stuff)

Real Estate Shell Companies Scheme to Defraud Owners Out of Their Homes

Exxon Mobil and the G.O.P.: Fossil Fools

The Displaced --- Nearly 60 million people are currently displaced from their homes because of war and persecution.

Anonymous carries out its threat, releases identities of alleged Ku Klux Klan members

HW Bush: Mr. Cheney had built “his own empire” and asserted too much “hard-line” influence within George W. Bush’s White House in pushing for the use of force around the world

We had an election! –> Most returns for yesterday’s off-off-year election are in. ...

Obama: If Republican presidential candidates can't handle #CNBC moderators, how will they handle Putin?

NYTimes: Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds

California's Universities Were Free of Tuition, Until Ronald Reagan Became Governor --- Reagan assailed the Free Speech and antiwar movements, promising the taxpayers that if elected, he’d get college kids off picket lines and back in class.

How Hillary Clinton’s Testimony On Benghazi Compares To George Bush’s Testimony On 9/11

Forget Vegas, Nevada Is Now About Reno And Lithium (Tesla and others setting up shop in Reno, Nevada)

The Scariest Halloween Stock Market Chart

Hobby Lobby’s Christian owners under federal investigation for importing looted Bible artifacts from Iraq

That's 'Texas' or 'Crazy' in Norway! (Y’all, Norwegians Use The Word 'Texas' As Slang To Mean 'Crazy')

Yes, the CIA Director Was Part of the JFK Assassination Cover-Up --- John McCone was long suspected of withholding information from the Warren Commission. Now even the CIA says he did.

Paul Ryan Is a Hypocrite, Charlatan, and Right-Wing Extremist

Hillary Clinton Says She'll End Private Prisons, Stop Accepting Their Money (... she wants to "end the era of mass incarceration.")

Enough attacking the workers of America. Go after the huge corps dodging billions in taxes each year! #FireTrump

Angry old men calling a meeting to yell at a woman will always be a spectacular failure

Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner won't face charges over tea-party targeting

How the GOP used the system to give itself a House majority

Russian official called out after image of ‘terrorist’ turns out to be from ‘Harold & Kumar’

African man murdered in brutal 'lynch mob' attack in Israel after being mistaken for Palestinian shooter

Those new fraud-preventing “pin and chip” credit cards can be hacked, too.

Thank the Bush Crime Family for Rocking the Boat! Number of sea arrivals in Greece hits half million mark

George W. Bush’s military lies: The real story about the undeniable service gaps he got away with

Will the real Moochers stand up and contribute to the society they have been Asset Stripping.

You've heard of Attention Deficit Disorder? Here is Deficit Attention Disorder

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